Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Warsaw has seen quite a few vegetarian and vegan restaurants open up in the last couple of years. In fact, these days, there are as many options here for those on a plant-based diet (like myself) as there are in most any other European metropolis. Here's a fairly extensive, updated (September 2014) list of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the Polish capital.

Ul. Marszalkowska 68/70
00-546 Warsaw, Poland
All vegan hot-dog place in the center of the city, a block south of Krowarzywa (see below). Good selection of tasty home-made hot-dogs, drinks (licensed as well), fries, and more.

Dolce & Vegan
ul. Finlandzka 12a
03-903 Warsaw, Poland
A decent all-vegan restaurant that used to be located near the Ratusz Arsenal metro station, but has recently moved across the river to trendy Saska Kepa. A good selection of dishes and drinks, great vegan desserts, and, as is the case with most hip places in the capital, somewhat lackadaisical service.

Fit and Green
Noakowskiego 10
00-666 Warsaw, Poland
Krakowskie Przedmieście 5
00-068 Warsaw, Poland
New chain with two locations in Warsaw, one near Metro Politechnica, and the other on Krakowskie Przedmieście. Vegetarian burgers, pierogies, soups, and more; Vegan options available.

ul. Nowogrodzka 15
00-511 Warsaw, Poland
Little place centrally located on Nowogrodzka, near Krucza. Generous portions of good though bland-ish Indian food (as is par for the course for most Hare Krishna restaurants I find), and good service. Recently became all vegan.

Green Bar
Szpitalna 6
00-031 Warsaw, Poland
Located in the very center of Warsaw, on Szpitalna, this place has a fairly varied menu of vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Hoza 42
00-516 Warsaw, Poland
Probably the most popular of Warsaw's vegan places (thanks to the popularity of burger joints in general), this hip, centrally located establishment attracts even carnivores with its very tasty, filling, and relatively affordable vegan burgers. They also have vegan ice cream (in the summer), smoothies, and edible plates (not tasty, i've tried one). Cross your fingers before you go there, as they sometimes have waiting times upwards of 30 minutes.

Kubek I Olówek
Kredytowa 8
00-062 Warsaw, Poland
A fairly new place (2014) centrally located on Kredytowa street, halfway between Marszalkowska and Krakowskie Przedmieście. Small-ish, affordable, a bit haphazard, and with some decent lunch specials (one per day).

Lokal Margines
ul.Krucza 23/31
00-525 Warsaw, Poland
New, centrally-located vegan bistro.

Loving Hut
MURANOW: al. Jana Pawla II 41A lok.8
01-001 Warsaw, Poland
METRO POLITECHNIKA: ul. Warynskiego 3
00-645 Warsaw, Poland
Part of the international Loving Hut chain, these affordable restaurants specialize in Asian fusion dishes, many of which use faux-meat that comes incredibly close to tasting like the real deal. The two Warsaw locations have about four or five Vietnamese dishes (including a really good Pho) that, although vegan, are much more authentic than the fake and unhealthy Vietnamese food you'll find in the Asian fast food places. The original location is on Jana Pawla II street, in Warsaw's Muranow district, and the newer location is right next to the Politechnika metro station.

Marrakesh Cafe
al. Jerozolimskie 123A
02-017 Warsaw, Poland
A restaurant specializing in Moroccan food, run by the same folks as Tel Aviv (below). Located a couple of blocks west of the central train station.

Mówisz Masz
Mokotowska 48
00-543 Warsaw, Poland
Hip new place on semi-posh Mokotowska street for breakfast, brunch, coffee, drinks, vegan pastries, and more.

Mezze hummus + falafel
ul. Różana 1
02-548 Warsaw, Poland
Located on the corner of a small park in Warsaw's Mokotow district, this small place specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine.

Ósma Kolonia
Słowackiego 15/19
01-592 Warsaw, Poland
A new place in Warsaw's Zoliborz district, close to the Plac Wilsona metro station. Vegetarian and vegan food.

Tel Aviv
Poznanska 11
00-680 Warsaw, Poland
Specializing in Israeli/Middle-Eastern cuisine, Tel Aviv is located on Poznanska street, which is becoming a bit of a hub for trendy eateries. The place used to be vegetarian, but is now completely vegan (as far as I know). Their Sunday Israeli brunch is quite popular. I've eaten here and it was pretty tasty, though a tad bland, and I've heard some doubts about the authenticity of the cuisine.

Vega (Bar Vega)
Al. Jana Pawła II 36c
00-141 Warsaw, Poland
A veteran of Warsaw's vegetarian restaurant scene, Vega Bar is tucked away behind a typical 50s building on Jana Pawla II (in the Muranow district), and specializes in Indian food. Hit and miss judging from reviews, but some do like this place quite a bit.

Vege Miasto
Solidarności 60a
00-240 Warsaw, Poland
Another hip, new place a couple of blocks east of the Ratusz Arsenal metro station.

Vegan Pizza
Corner of Poznanska and Wilcza
00-670 Warsaw, Poland
Good concept, mediocre execution. I've had much better vegan pizza in my day, but if you absolutely have to have it, and don't want to make it yourself, the option is there.

W Gruncie Rzeczy
Hoża 62
00-682 Warsaw, Poland
Opened in November, 2013, this is another in the line of newish cafe/bistros in the center of the city.Located on Hoża, a block west of Marszalkowska, this basement restaurant has an all-vegan menu, with diverse breakfast, lunch, and dessert options, and good service.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Address: ul. Finlandzka 12a (near Rondo Waszyngtona)
03-903 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: +48 605 324 174
Website (FB): https://www.facebook.com/dolceandvegan

A decent vegan place that has daily lunch specials and lots of baked goods. Slow service at times, but that's par for the course for hipsteresque places in Poland's capital. The restaurant is moving from its current location near metro Ratusz Arsenal, and will reopen in its new location in Warsaw's trendy Saska Kepa neighborhood (address above) on Sep. 14, 2014; a good move, since the last place was outdoors, so the comfort level really depended on the weather.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


Address: Calle de la Ballesta 13, Madrid, Spain 28004
Website: www.b13bar.com

Up the hill on Calle de la Ballesta, in Madrid's trendy Malasaña neighborhood, B 13 is a good no-nonsense type vegan restaurant (and bar) that seems to draw a diverse crowd. The food that I ordered was fairly unsophisticated (which is true for most items on the menu), a fried seitan slab along with fries and a salad, but it was tasty, and, for the price (around 7 euros for the lunch special), a really good deal. Warning: This place, like many others in Madrid, shuts down for about a month in the late Summer. Check their website for details.

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