Sunday, April 16, 2017

Armen Abalian "Love Poems" -- a selection

I am currently working on a series called "Love Poems". Below are four poems from that series. Others will hopefully be published soon, somewhere.


The future, chained to the past, screaming at the present

It will break free, but not yet, not today.

Today it will need food, water; it will need to be consoled.

It will need to be told stories that will seem like unbelievable fairy tales

To remind it of something beautiful that is not guaranteed.


My soul, or something similar to it, hurts with every wistful melody that hits it.

The seemingly innocuous music causes it to recoil like an animal in pain that doesn't want another blow.

I have come to understand that it wants chaos, noise, not melancholic daggers.

To put it at ease, I end up listening only to the sounds of the city.


You say "darkness" and everyone automatically thinks of sadness, depression, hopelessness.

What about a place to escape from the incessant, chaotic, frantic, overwhelming laser light show?

Darkness, with the impartiality of a blanket

Where a sick animal can dream about health and an unconfined existence.


Some nights I woke up next to you and saw you looking at me

Or vice versa

Which areas of your mostly hidden, hard to decipher inner world were you wandering around?

Lush mountain landscapes of green and purple?

Deep desert valleys of red and broken beige?

Or were you lost in some nondescript, fragmented reality, looking at me, trying to tell me you couldn't find a way out?

I never asked, I was just happy to have you there, next to me.

ALL POEMS (c) 2017 ARMEN ABALIAN. Please don't reproduce without permission.